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Wedge 10

High Speed | Reservoir Cart

Wedge 10

The Wedge 10 reservoir cart’s unique bin design and dual chain system unloads product faster with less nut damage and plugging than other reservoir carts. The dual chain system removes more dirt prolonging chain life. Side panels help eliminate spillage and increase load capacity without tree limb interference.

Rear View
Front View

For clean speed the Wedge 10 has the edge

The Wedge 10 is named for the unique wedge design of the bin allowing faster product flow and with less nut damage and plugging than other reservoir carts.

Almond Chain

Removes more dirt and trash than other chain designs for a gentle unload.

Tube Chain

Removes unwanted dirt and hulls in walnuts and pecans.


Augers are standard on the Wedge 10 reservoir cart. Simple and effective for quick unloading.

Draper Top

Eliminate nut damage with a gentle touch while reducing packing for an easy unload. The two chain system (horizontal bottom chain and incline unloading chain) unloads faster, removes more dirt prolonging chain life. (optional)

De-Sticker Top

Remove unwanted sticks in the orchard and before the product arrives to the elevator, trailer or processing plant. (optional)

De-Sticker and Discharge Belt

Auger Cart

Draper Top

De-Sticker Top


Specifications are subject to change without notice.
LENGTH 22’ 5”
CAPACITY 335 Cubic feet
WEIGHT 4,660 lbs. (Auger cart)

Standard Features

  • Dual conveyor chains
  • Augers
  • Almond mesh chain
  • Operator controlled unload
  • Single lip adjustable hitch
  • Auto unload (Runner Valve)


  • Draper top
  • De-sticker top
  • Walnut/Pecan tube chain


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