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Lower Dust
Cleaner Product
Faster Speed


Jackrabbit’s new harvester is specially designed to impact dust generated during harvest. A radically new, disk based cleaning section provides agitated conveyance of the product before reaching the twin-rod outload chain and cleaning fan. The hydrostatically controlled fan permits the grower to adjust fan speed for optimal airflow required to clean the product.

Constant Race Technology

Constant Race Technology for agitated conveyance and maximum dirt removal before reaching the fan.

Hydrostatic pump for variable fan speed

Adjustable damper to fine tune airflow

Twin-rod exhaust chain for maximum cleaning and longevity


Height 86.5″
Weight 4,912Lbs
Length 210″
Axle to Axle Length 96″
Width 99.89″
Pick-up Belt Type Twin-Rod
Pick-up Width 48.75″
Cleaning Width 48.14″
Number of Cleaning Shafts 11
Number of Disks per Shaft 64
Total Number of Disks 704
Disk Material Acetal
Disk Cleaning Gap (Constant) 3/16″
Incline Chain Type Twin-Rod
Fan Type Centrifugal
Flow Controls Pick-up Belt
Hydraulic Coupler Type Parker 6601-6602
Hydraulic Fluid Type ISO 68
Hydraulic Tank Size 41 Gallons
Minimum HP Requirement 85



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