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Self-Propelled shuttle


The JackRunner is the original nut harvesting system that can travel in both directions up to 35 mph

  • Fast – The JackRunner approaches the reservoir cart and harvester traveling in reverse facing away from the reservoir cart.
  • Economical – With the runner valve, the reservoir cart automatically starts to unload nuts into the JackRunner in under as minute as the harvester continues down the orchard row. Your harvest never stops.
  • Efficient – Once the JackRunner bin is full the operator drives away traveling forward to the elevator to unload – never driving over berms or sprinklers.
  • Profitable – The JackRunner reduces harvest time by traveling between the harvester and elevator at speeds up to 35 mph.
The JackRunner unloads the Wedge 10 reservoir cart in under 1-minute while on the move.
The JackRunner pulls alongside the Jackrabbit side-dump elevator bin.
The JackRunner unloads into the Jackrabbit side-dump elevator bin in less than 60 seconds.
Fast continuous unloading without plugging!

New Cockpit for Easier Operation and Less Operator Fatigue

  • Fully adjustable air ride seat rotates 180” with the flip of a switch
  • More cab visibility than any other shuttle for forward and reverse travel
  • 360 degree air conditioned, isolated, and acoustically insulated cab
  • Front and rear foot pedals with service brake
  • Joystick for bin dump, auger control, horn, turn signal, and load mode
  • Standard orchard glass windows
  • Easily adjustable “Load Mode” to match harvester speed

Total System Control Means the Operator Stays in the Runner

  • Easy access side window allows the operator to reach the elevator controls
  • Optional elevator remote control system permits elevator operation without opening the side window
  • Lights, brake, turn signals, horn, and LED strobes for safe operation
  • Brake controller for relocating the elevator
  • Tie-down points for transport
Easy access for service and maintenance
Fast unloading without plugging
More visibility than all other cab designs


Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Speed Range 0-35 mph, Both directions
Engine Cummins QSF 3.8L, Tier 4, 130 HP Turbo Diesel
Bin Capacity 440 Cubic feet
Cab Centered and raised / Isolated from frame / 1/2” thick Hehr glass orchard windows
Driver Environment 180° Full turn powered air-ride seat • Air conditioning / Pressurized cab • Blue Tooth enabled stereo
Operator Controls Parking brake • Foot pedal throttle control • Foot pedal service brake • Engine computer readout • Electric brake controller • Bin dump, signals, horn, load mode and augers controlled by a single joystick
Ground Drive Hydrostatic transmission with auto Hi-Low
Axels Front steerable / Rear fixed
Suspension Rear : Heavy duty rear leaf springs / Overload bumper
Front : Heavy duty leaf springs
Lights Front and rear driving / Shielded bin light and strobe (top of cab) / Turn signals / Rear safety strobes
Dimension Length: 21’,10” • Width: 8’,1” • Cab height: 6’,6”
Fuel Capacity Hydraulic fluid tank: 45 gallons • Diesel fuel tank: 33 gallons • Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF): 5 gallons
Gross Empty Weight 10,940 lbs.
Parking Brake Manual ON/OFF
Options Reversible engine cooling fan • Knobby or street tires



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