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High Speed

Field Elevators

High Speed Field Elevators

The JackRunner pulls along side of the elevator preparing to start the unloading process.

The JackRunner side dumps into the elevator bin.

Side dumping is both faster and results in less plugging than other systems. Less nut damage and quicker departure from the elevator results in more loads per day.

JackRabbit Woodchuck De-sticker

The Woodchuck de-sticker removes more sticks for cleaner loads than any other type of de-sticking method. Trailers loaded with nuts and minimal sticks result in more profitable loads going to the huller or processor. The hydraulically actuated Woodchuck de-sticker can be raised with a push of a button for young orchards that typically don’t have a stick problem.

Interactive 30-36 High Speed Elevator Features

30/36 Elevator with Woodchuck De-Sticker

30/36 Elevator

Right Angle Elevator

Dirt Extraction Elevator


Length 49′
Width 7.5′ (30/36 model)
Hopper length 16.5′
Hopper width 6.5′ (30/36)
Height 18.5′ fixed (30/36)
Tow height 13’5″
Hitch height 16 – 18″
Weight 7,870 lbs (30/36)

Standard Features

  • Variable speed flow control (horizontal bel
  • Dual drive horizontal belt motor
  • Large capacity hopper
  • Giant Z belt (horizontal and incline)
  • Hydraulic jack stand
  • Push button manual controls, swing out pod
  • Electric brakes (30/36 model)

Dual belt system

  • 30″ horizontal / 36″ incline (30/36 elevator)


  • Woodchuck De-sticker 
  • Night lights
  • Remote control (1 sender, 1 receiver)
  • Cleated incline belt

Caterpillar Tier 4 Final Turbo Diesel Engine

  • 4 cylinder, 74 H.P. (30/36 elevator)


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