Fast, Gentle, Clean Nut Harvesting Systems

About Jackrabbit

Jackrabbit is located in Ripon, California; the heart of the Central Valley. It has been a California Corporation since 1981. Since it’s inception, it has been run by the same owner, Earl Anderson. Jackrabbit’s equipment is the fastest in the field, using the latest in innovative ideas and new technology along with old-fashioned common sense.


The JACK CART meets the Reservoir cart at the end of the row where the harvester operator initiates the product transfer into the JACK CART. No back breaking cart changes or wasted time, just a fast trip to the elevator with a large load of nuts!

As the tractor driver approaches the elevator he begins the unloading process of the JACK CART. Elevator controls are easy to operate without leaving the tractor seat. The side dumping bin allows the operator to unload fast for a quick departure.


The Stick Jack

Remove sticks, reduce labor and increase harvester performance in a single pass with the use of only a 50 horse-power tractor. Jack Rabbit’s Stick Jack eliminates the sticks from the windrow and with a flip of a switch unloads the sticks out of the orchard. Sweeper brushes keep an even windrow to increase harvester productivity. Front gage wheels allow adjustable ground clearance and de-stick flight adjustment, extended stick belt and new designed hydraulic system.


The Prepper Jack

The Prepper Jack conditioner will speed up your harvest with drier nuts, less sticks and conditioned product for a faster delivery to the huller.

  • Removes Sticks and Debris for clean uniform 30″ windrows
  • Reduces drying time for earlier pickup
  • Hydraulic bin door for even product placement
  • High capacity stick bin with left or right belt discharge for fast unloading

The Yard Jack

YARD JACK Dual Belt 36 stockpiling Elevator with Woodchuck Desticker is the fastest to unload, to move and to destick. Rabbit speed and woodchuck clean.

  • Dual 36″ Belt System with variable speed horizontal belt
  • Powerful 69 HP Deutz 4 cylinder turbo diesel engine, air cooled
  • Four direction travel